Winter trip Mt Buller 2018
Mountaineering isn't exactly a big thing in Australia. There's a slight lack of alpine peaks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  If you want to get started or connect with fellow mountaineers, a club is always a good point to start. Here's a brief overview of mountaineering related clubs and associations:
  • Alpine Search and Rescue Victoria - alpineSAR
    They are a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who provide searchers - like any other bushwalking club - to Bush Search and Rescue.
  • Alpenverein Melbourne
    The Austrian Alpine Club finally set foot into Australia! The OeAV has a long history of being great club for families and it comes with a great insurance.
  • Army Alpine Association - AAA
    You obviously need to have some ADF connection to join these guys. They're up for some big adventures.
  • Melbourne University Mountaineering Club - MUMC 
    The classic university club with a wide range of outdoor activities
  • Mountain Sports CollectiveThe MSC is Australia's Backcountry Usergroup Association. They deliver an Alpine Travel Advisory. It's the place to go for  a streamlined and concise picture of the conditions, in one single easy view but they also have other things in the pipeline.
  • Mount Bogong Club - MtBC
    These guys take care of the Cleve Cole Memorial Hut as well as the Michell Refuge. They only organise working bees but becoming a member makes Cleve Cole is a great base for your backcountry adventures.
  • New Zealand Alpine Club Australia Section - NZAC
    This is the big mountaineering associations from across the ditch with the Australian members roughly evenly spread between NSW and VIC.
  • RMIT Outdoors Club - ROC
    The ROC has also a mountaineering program beside many outdoor activities.
What about Mountaineering Melbourne? We're not a club but the blog you're on 😋 Our mission is to bring Mountaineers together no matter to which club they belong!

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