We've created Mountaineering Melbourne with the aim to share random outdoor advice, pictures from the trail and the occasional good article or link we stumble upon > you'll see them on our facebook page.

Both of us are trip leaders with the Alpine Club Melbourne and  we're also members of the Bushrangers Women's Walking Club. Beside our great passion mountaineering we're also into dressage riding (Anna) and ultra running (Philipp). Now if you want a free and valuable piece of advice straight away:

Don't start it! Seriously that mountaineering stuff gets you hooked faster than ice and crack mixed together. Unfortunately nobody ever gave us that advice and now we're on our journey to explore the world one hike, one mountain and one expedition at a time. 

If you have any questions, comments or remarks about the posts, gear, hiking, mountaineering or life outdoors around Melbourne in general, drop us a line:


Now go out there and climb some mountains :) 
Cheers 
The Valentines

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